What are first grade or premium grade apricot kernels?

That depends entirely on where you're purchasing your apricot kernels. Anyone can call their product "premium", regardless of its quality or country of origin. Two apricot kernels vastly different from one another can't both be of the same standard. The kernels being sold elsewhere as "premium" don't stand up to our benchmark, but judge for yourself. The other products being sold as "premium" contain kernels you will only find within our seconds grade (not presently available).

Premium or first grade apricot kernels are hand-sorted to the highest standard possible. Inferior grades are removed by hand, leaving only the best of each batch. They must be free of blemished and substandard seed, shell and other foreign contaminants, such as mould. These things can be found in the other "premium" kernels available, which, of course, means they are not truly premium or first grade.

Properly dried and sorted seed should be intact with a slightly wrinkled appearance. Apricot kernels that have been dried too quickly or removed from their shell too early are often smooth-looking with a powdery-looking skin. They break very easily and their protective skin flakes away. Apricot kernels should be dried naturally, within the protection of their shells. Kernels dried too quickly are depleted of their nutrients, and those cracked prematurely are subject to oxidation, which ultimately results in a reduction in the nutritive spectrum, early rancidity and a shortened lifespan.

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First Grade
Apricot Kernels - shells removed x 1

1 kg
Raw Apricot Kernels

$30.00 +
Apricot Kernels - shells removed x 2

2 kg
Raw Apricot Kernels

$55.00 +

Apricot Kernels - shells removed x 3 3 kg
Raw Apricot Kernels

$75.00 +
Apricot Kernels - shells removed x 5 5 kg
Raw Apricot Kernels
$112.50 +